The Weight.

She caught a bout of depression, and her body wasted away with it. “You’ve become SO skinny,” a friend, who hadn’t seen her in a month said. “I didn’t know you had weight to lose to begin with, what the fuck. Are you OKAY??” “Yes, jesus, yes.” “Are you SURE?” She looked at herself inContinue reading “The Weight.”

Skin deep

She ran her fingers over the tiny prickle on her forehead – a frickin’ pimple in the beginning of December. Winter was her favorite time of the year. All of those snuggly jackets and unapproachable boots – she could pull them off. The bulk makes her look healthier, unlike the summer skirts that betrayed herContinue reading “Skin deep”

finding herself.

She was in a tiny little cafe. It was the kind of cafe that looked nondescript from the outside, but had an elegance to it on the inside. She had ordered a slice of chocolate cake that cost twice the amount it weighed, and a cup of Earl Grey Tea. She readjusted her scarf, asContinue reading “finding herself.”


What if You aren’t my crush? What if you’re just Validation? A product of reciprocity “I’m obsessed with you Because you care a tiny bit about me.” Or better yet, White Noise To bury myself in Because the silence, it was deafening. What if, you’re little more than Preoccupation Because right now, I need somethingContinue reading “#anticlimacticnonsense”


bread crumb identities to-do lists  that stretch across eternities stupid commitments you made when you were yourself, version: crazy it’s easy to say, go by priority what priority? it’s apples vs. oranges vs. cranberries and you’re stupid, clueless, full of inconsistencies you cannot prioritise  when you do not even know what is right.