Sleep, rhythms, melatonin, hypothalamus

I don’t want to sleep. Every word in my textbook tastes like pressure. I don’t want to sleep because then I’ll have to wake up and I would’ve lost another day to junk food and television, attempts at a first chapter of a story that never turns out right, calls I never make and deadlinesContinue reading “Sleep, rhythms, melatonin, hypothalamus”

On knowledge and attitudes towards nuclear energy and more

As the Final Sem comes nearer and nearer to ending once and for all, there’s also so much work that needs to be done right. I’m still undecided on my case study but I have gotten started on my survey. The survey is supposed to be environmentally related. Mine is on Knowledge, Awareness and AttitudesContinue reading “On knowledge and attitudes towards nuclear energy and more”

Introspektshun: Dear 13 year old me,

I’ve lived the past few years knowing I’m not what you quite thought I would become. I haven’t, – magically turned into a swan (though my braces are off and everything. weird!) – somehow gotten my act together and gotten admitted into oxford… or hogwarts. – managed to meet mr.fantabulous who reads amazing books andContinue reading “Introspektshun: Dear 13 year old me,”